Show #97 Unplugged

- Intro song Drake Bell
- Our house has been struck with illness
- Redboy's gets a new TV and watches Hi Def PBS
- Family Christmas gatherings
- Amy's new headphones and Redboy's fancy headphones.
- How late can you leave lights up?

Big Show
Zaldor's World
Auzzie Tom

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Show #96 Better because it was more expensive but on sale??

- Thanks to Tony Jennings for the use of his pictures on our site.
- SNL Dick in a Box video
- We are registered for the expo and Disneyland
- Please vote for us on podcast peers awards
- Festivus Fun including cookies and balanced budgets
- Bad holiday movie - A Perfect Day
- Redboy turned 33, thanks for the voicemail and well wishes
- New redboy promo
- Disney recap- Many thanks to Jana from Let's Talk About Disney
- What's are sundries?
- Fruit smoothies and air travel
- Heather from the days of your
- Donald Trump/Rosie O'donald After ShowAnd Amy didn't care
- Mele Kalikimaka out!

Feedbackers & Mentions
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- Double Dork Meter Podcast
- Shelly's Podcast
- Wicked Good Podcast
- Madtown Aces
- Comedy 4 Cast
- Pediacast
- For What It's Worth
- Love Long & Prosper

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Santa's Crib

I found this clip last year and figured tis the season to bring it back out. A humours take on if MTV Cribs went to Santa's Crib.

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Welcome to a fresh new It had been awhile since we had cleaned our virtual house so we hope you enjoy the update.

Special thanks to Tony Jennings Photography for allowing us the use of the photos.

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Show #95 M-I-C-ya real soon...

- On our way to the house of the mouse
- The great cornfield snow storm
- The motion light that wasn't to be
- Pinky & The Brain and Animaniacs are on DVD
- Redboy learn about the Friday gift idea from Charles
- Redboy Backers still #1 in fantasy football, thanks Steve
- Jawbone interviewed Paul & Storm and Jonothan Coulton
- Check out podcast pickle trees and iLike
- Redboy wants an iKaroke
- Greg (Yellow) Wiggle is out
- Amy's Diaper Dilema...Huggies are cheaper than Pampers
- Some news: Shakira, Lazy Town, Santa drinks and Victoria's Secret

After Show
Raimer and Barely feedback sandwich!

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Raimer's Random Rants
P to tha A to tha M

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