Show #104 The Year of The Pig

Quick Hits
- A week of Code Monkey'ing
- Snow storm (see video below)
- Britney hair for sale and here are some head care products for her (and Redboy)
- Vote for us at the Podcast Peer
- Amy's Valentine's Day surprise!

Redboy Pet peeves
- Annoying Deli orders
- Parking tickets

Goofy Facts of the Week
- Men surf porn???
- If you walk to work you'll burn more calories
- Golden Pig Technology

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention

- Ben from Birmingham
- Pod Dog show
- Barely Podcast
- DoubleDorkMeter Podcast
- Mad Town Aces

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Podcaster Candy

Absolute Amy & Redboy as M&M's. Create your own M&M character here

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Redcorn Studios - Weather

The first attempt at video for us.....

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Show #103 The Love Fest

Welcome Tiki Tom!

Quick Hits
- Superbowl sadness and Purple Hi Def Rain
- Luke's Lost Tooth: What's the tooth fairy pay?
- Frozen Pipes
- We get nominated for the Podcast Peer Awards
- Why Tom is here and Valentines Day stuff
- The Valentines Day Card that says it all

What The Hell Did They Say?
News Clips
- Mom's Hate Mom's
- Real life Tike Tazzer
- Dog Fur Hood Thanks for the link Allison!
Out Track Song: The Dan Band

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention

- Second Time Around
- Ten with Tom
- Pod Dog show
- The Big Show

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It's an honor

For the first time The Redboy Podcast has been nominated for the Podcast Peers award under the "Best Couple Cast" category. As the old cliche goes, it really is an honor just to be nominated in a category that has a lot of great shows listed.

If you are a podcaster and have a moment please consider voting for us at

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Show #102 Back to Factory Paint

Quick Hits
- Super Bowl Da' Bears
- Happy Ground Hogs Day
- Return of the mouse
- How long should it take to grocery shop??
- Redboy's Pet Peeve of the week - Small town traffic report
- Vista Launch: Da Vinici's Notebook Paul and Storm

Auzzie Tom's Dictionary w/ Anna!!

News Clips
- Super Bowl News
- More drunk kids and bad parents
- Getting drunk on hand sanitizer

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention

Ten w/Tom
Malcolm - Thanks for the image
Jawbone Radio
The Big Show

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Visions of Last Summer

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