Best lights on the block

Found this video from the RocketBoom Vidcast. Snopes is still trying to decide if this is a real video or some trick video work. Check out the video and decide for yourself.

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Show #49 Turkey Time Spectacular

TECH NOTE: If you downloaded this when it first went out Tuesday night I pointed the feed to the wrong mp3, so you got show #48 not this show. It's fixed now, please try agian. Thanks

- The podcast studio/basement will be done soon
- Responses from fellow podcasters about what they are thankful for at Thanksgiving: Aussie Tom, Johnny B, and Gary at the Pickle
- What Redboy and Amy are thankful for
- Amy's Thanksgiving quiz. Here is the quiz and the background
- Turkey News
Presidentail turkey heading to Disneyland
Turkey facts
Turkey Townships
- Thanksgiving Stats by Redboy
- Our Family Traditions
- 10 Things said at Thanksgiving that sound dirty but aren't
- The list of top 10 most dangerous toys for the holidays
- And a song by Auzzie Dave. (Auzzie Tom's Brother)

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R.I.P Mash Up

Mash Up the podcast that brought you great mashups at least once a week, but usually more, has gone dark. My assumption is the RIAA big hammer came after them. Either way thanks guys for keeping it up as long as you did RIP

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Sorry for the delay

Sorry for the delay in shows. Redboy was in Miami all week, and then spent all day Saturday working on the basement/studio. Pictures of the studio progess will be up soon. Hopefully a new show will be out Sunday night!

Forgive us Podfather for we have sinned.

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Show #48 Not going back to Cali

Send us your intro to add to our intro mega mix!

- Our 6 month Podcasting Anniversary
- Thanks to Steve and Dawn for the intro
- "Trucker Bob" voicemail
- Redboy NOT going back to Cali! But instead heading to Miami
- Brothers in audio retardation
- We are not creative, and absolute amy is white
- Redboy's iPod review
- The "Unknown Listener" voicemail
- Martha Stewart's show angers Redboy. He's not a goofy midwest father.
- Watch out for Hot, Hot Tubs on Ebay
- Raimer's Random Rants
- Auzzie Tom's Dictionary
- What the hell did they say


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Own Auzzie History

Your chance to buy Auzzie Tom's car! Check out his auction on Ebay. If you're in the states the shipping maybe a little steap.

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Show #47 with special guest star Isaac from BDB

We welcome our special guest Isaac from the Blue Dog Banter podcast.

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