Move Complete

We've official moved into our new webhost If you see anything broken or not working please shoot me a note. redboy at redboypodcast dot com

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And then there was none

Last night in a honorable ceremony Redboy removed the last of his hair. It may come back....what there is of it.

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Due to Merlot difficulties, 108.5 was put out because I linked the wrong mp3 in the feed for 108. MY BAD! Thanks Les and Barely for the catch

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Show #108 Cause Barely Made Me...and we're sick

Welcome Sick Ones
- Get Your Redboy Podcast Collectors T-Shirt
- Friends didn't show up cause we are all sick
- The kid has Fifth disease
- Blowing up crap in a microwave
- Death of a Blackberry and a Harmony Remote
- Netflix theory update
- Our (Amy) addiction to Webkinz
- Wii Update

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention

- TuckerTales
- Chinese Urinals
- Aussie Tom
- Love Long and Prosper
- Flatlander

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We're Moving!!!

The Redboy Podcast has secured a new webhost sponsor, Come to Buy (CTB for short). So we are going to be moving this week. If you can't access the site or the feed at some point this week don't worry we are just working out the bugs. Thanks for supporting the Redboy Podcast CTB!!

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Don't try this at home

Every wonder what would have if you put "FILL IN THE BLANK" into a microwave? Well the fine folks at kraft foods did it for you. Check it out! My favorite was the Christmas lights.

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Show #107 - Happy St. Patty's Day

Quick Hits
- A computer free weekend
- Another mouse in the house
- Redboy is a Twitter junkie
- Irish Drinking Song from Da Vinci's Notebook
- What game system should we get? Thanks for the assist WickedGood
- Confessions of a guilty conscience: The Broken Toaster
- Amy's Netflix/Post Office conspiracy theory

What makes you "explicit"?
- 1 ass, 2 jackass, 3 asshole and 1 bitch

Amy's Idol Update

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention

- Shelly's Podcast
- Big Show
- Love Long and Prosper
- Pediacast
- Opionated
- Barely
- Upon Further Review
- Listener Sue

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Show #106 - Is Bitter There???

Quick Hits
- Set those clocks forward this weekend to save energy
- Thanks to our sponsor: Tony Jennings Photography
- Reading to kids
- We meet Spiderman

Auzzie Tom's Dictionary
- Hanky (Your handkerchief)
- Motza (Lots of Money)
- Noah's Ark (A Shark)
- Rack Off! (Go Away)
- Banana bender (Someone from Queensland)

Amy v. Abby
- Strip club advice, lunch thief’s and naked neighbors

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention

- Margot
- Wicked Good Podcast
- Ten With Tom
- Pediacast
- Barely
- Desperate Husbands
- DoubleDorkMeter


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Make Your Own (paper) Optimus Prime!

So, here he is the one, the only, OPTIMUS PRIME! And not only is he a fully articulate action figure, but he also TRANSFORMS INTO A TRUCK! Create Your Own
I haven't tried to create this yet but if you do let us know.

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Show #105 Advice From Amy

Quick Hits
- Still time to vote for us in the Podcast Peer Awards
- Jimmy Buffett ticket saga
- Idol Update...let's cry a little more
- First night of Tae Kwon Do
- Jack is making bald cool!

Amy's Advice Corner
- Ben's getting married - grab the scan gun
- Renee's annoying co-worker- get an ipod
- Amy v. Abby

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention

- Opinionated
- Listener Richard
- Listener Renee
- Listener Ben

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