Show #125....It's a new world

Quick Hits
- Test driving the new recording config with the Mac
- Fluffing the carpet high traffic areas
- Amy the party planner
- Selling a crib ($100 if you want it)
- Redboy washes his car, with the roof open
- Random news items
- Broken piggies
- When your neighbor is on Dateline

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention
- Tucker Tales
- Ben from Birmingham
- The Big Show
- Pizza Go Here

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Show #124...Back to School Special

Quick Hits
- Intro Cheetos from our friends Paul & Storm
- The begining of school...1st grade
- Kids with muscle ticks
- Death of a grow-a-frog
- Sucker wrapper up the nose
- Toy Star Commercial
- $20 for the road from Madtown Aces
- Drive by garage sales
- Mice eatin' chips we didn't know we had
- Pointless quiz of the week: If you could have a live in anything, what would it be?

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention
- Auzzie Tom
- Pediacast
- Shelly
- Chrystal
Download the ToyStar Commercial

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Show #123...A Princess Party

Quick Hits
- The princess birthday
- Getting ready for the expo
- Amy's new blog
- Amy's Shark Week recap
- Plumbing and Laundry
- Amy's new business
- More poop in the pool
- Adventures while Amy's gone
- Drinkin' mom's and Malefactor
- Steve sorry I forgot to play your v-mail
- Jonny Marzetti

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention
- Auzzie Tom
- Wickedgood Podcast
- Barely
- Tucker Tales

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