Show #59 Welcome Silent Steve

Welcome to show #59
- Welcome to Silent Steve from the Redboy news partner The Pantagraph
- Why so much candy at Valentine's Day
- Should Redboy remote podcast the morons?
- The wait for Sheryl Crow press passes continues
- New show we found 101 Uses for Baby Wipes
- The world of Zathura and the adiction Movie Board Game
- Redboy can't fix a toliet or do plumbing in general
- The Premier of Absolute Amy's Idol Update. Send us your vote for who will win for a chance to win our prize package.
- Song Marilyn County by 100 Year Picnic...Silent Steve gave it a big thumbs up!
- Top 50 gadgets of the past 50 years...including Amy's Simon

101 uses for baby wipes
podcast outlaws
podcast morons

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Show #58....Amy has an idea

Amy get's a rub down
Thanks listeners for validating Redboy
Amy learns the mac
Voicemail from Auzzie Tom...what's the pound key
Tax time talk
Big up to our new listeners Paul and Matt's Aunt
The great return of What The Hell Did They Say
Amy's American Idol Update...your chance to win some prizes!
Song by Matthew Ebel

Podcast We Mentioned

Zee and Zed
Extra Points
Let's Talk About Disney
Catfish Show
Podcast Morons
Ten With Tom

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Show #57 We are back...

Here we are back again in the saddle, and Amy enjoys her new toy a little too much. Join us as we try and figure out this podcast thing again. We apologize for any discomfort this may cause.

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Oh the things you'll see...

We didn't get a show done before we left last week and now we are winding down a week in Disney World. We will have plenty of stories to share when we return. Stay tuned.

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