Show #75 Back from the holiday road

- We saw Sheryl Crow, the perfect date night storm
- The Corn Palace
- The first Amyism: Water Ring=Rubber Gasket
- Mr. C's daughter drives a "Fruck"
- Our trip report from Branson/Table Rock
- Still Waters Resort
- Amy's sound of the night
- Amy trying to get through Lord of The Rings movies
- Special thanks to NASA Janet for the earworm of the week.
- Hidden track: Jeff from 100 Year Picnic hits a bear

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We take a week off

WE've been busy in the Redboy household, so we have to take a week off. Join us next week for podcasting direct from the shores of Branson,MO.

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Show #74 You've got fax

- Thanks to Extra Life Radio for the intro
- Survival of 6-6-06
- Picnic Pain
- Redboy scared by Jawbone Radio about coaching soccer
- Thanks to Mike and Jana for our first fax!!
- Thanks to Matt D for the great write up
- Earworm of the week - Dora
- Trips to Greenacres and beyond.
- Do you know anything about Siver Dollar City?
- Stories of family vacations
- Congrats to Me and The Bean on the delivery of Max
- Out song by Josh Mahler "Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong"

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Show #73 in an SUV down by the cornfields

Redboy's off his game a little so we just ramble through

A review of Over the Hedge movie
Redboy's new mic
Amy's chocolate spread addiction
What does FAB mean in the movie thunderbirds? Help us out!!
Nick names for kids and significant others. What are your names?
Top 10 weird childrens show
Children in beauty contests

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