Delayed flight #68 of the Redboy Grumpy Cast

Thanks to Me & The Bean for the intro
Redboy Podcast turns 1 on May 5th
Our week: Redboy's busted arm, and we love the Sweep-eze
Mr. C's G-Spot...planting plants green side up
Amy's Idol update

...I'll get the links and stuff done soon.

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Attention Passengers

Absolute Amy fell asleep early, and the kids stayed up late, so the Redboy Podcast will be delayed, but we will try and get you on the next available Redboy Podcast show as seating becomes available.

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Travels to Green Acres

The Notes
- Earworm of the week: Hot Potatoe
- Amy Dreams about Shelly from Shelly's Podcast
- Let's hear from our luckers
- Our 1 year anniversary is Cinco De Mayo (May 5)
- Amy loves chocolate spread
- Idol update - Ace goes home, but we barely got to watch
- We are the official podcast of Valley Lutheran "Stallions" high school football
- Travels to Strausbug: A moto lodge, a bass boat and Miller high life lite.
- Redboy shouldn't be left alone.
- Pop Rocks Turn 50 and the top 100 Unsexiest men (2 are red heads)

Redboy Feedbackers
101 Uses for Baby Wipes
Wicked Good Podcast
Ten With Tom
Trypod Network
Zaldor's World

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Show #66 Afternoon delight and we have no point

- Intro- The return of "On A Podcast" by Cruise Box
- Thanks to Shelly's Podcast and For What it's Worth for playing our promo
- Thanks to Zee and Zed Israelisms for being hard core blog posters
- Hi to Mostly News, Manic Mommies and Neighbor Tim.
- Earworm of the Week brought to you by The Big Show...Barbie Girl
- Songs you don't play with the windows down
- Mr. C's Green Spot...Fetalizer
- Suits to Sweats: Heads and power window safety

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Show #65...a kinder, gentler Redboy

- Thanks to Shelly for the intro and check out her contest
- Redboy will be nice to Amy, care of Karen from Zee and Zed
- Grab our promo and we have added our China Cast Archive
- We crack the Yahoo podcast rating system
- Earworm of the week "My Humps" sponsored by Extra Points Podcast
- Oprah and the sex diet
- The high cost of being in a wedding
- Brand new segment: The Green Spot With MR.C send him a note
- Idol Update
- Suits to Sweats Minute, or two: T.V. house wives compared.

Redboy Feedbackers, and shout outs
Shelly's Podcast
Zee and Zed
Blue Dog Banter
Extra Points Podcast
Wicked Good Podcast

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A Podcast Logo??

Text copied from Monkey Bites
The German site recently held a contest to see who could come up with the best design for a podcast logo. The winner is Peter Marquardt and this is his creation:

First of all, who knew there was a podcasting logo contest going on? And in Germany of all places? Second, we thought that podcasts already had a standardized logo associated with them — the little grey-and-white "Podcast" tag that's a friendly, unobtrusively rectangular shape.

And third... that's the best that anyone could come up with? An RSS feed logo wearing a pair of headphones? And hello! Those should be the ubiquitous white earbuds Feedy the Feed is wearing, not old-school enclosed cans. Podcasts are part of the whole "white wire world" culture, so we think it would only be appropriate. Or at least something nice and hip like Eggos or those noise-cancelling jobbers.

I propose a recount.

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