E-mail is back!!!

Thank the podcast gods my e-mail is working again. So if you sent us e-mail since Thursday....we never got it. But you can try again redboy@redboypodcast.com or amy@redboypodcast.com

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Show #46 Trivia Fun...not our regular stuff.

We have some friends over and play some 90's trivia and interview the kids about Transformers. We will be back to our regular scheduled podcast later this week.

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e-mail still out

Sorry to say I am suffering from a e-mail outage from my provider since Thursday PM. If you send us an e-mail you won't get an error, but we won't get your message either.

We hope they get it fixed soon. In the mean time I set up a gmail account redboymail@gmail.com

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Show #45 The Halloween Spooktacular

This is what the mics sound like backwards! Sorry, problem has been fixed.
- 2 set's of business cards left to any podcaster going to the conference
- Thanks to Komputer Karl for purchasing a clock from our store
- Blue Dog Banter printer auction
- New listener Israelisms Podcast
- Raimer lives!
- V-mail from the mystery trucker
- Auzzie Tom starts his own show Ten with Tom
- Halloween song by Heywood Banks
- Costume ideas for adults
- Halloween pranks
- WTHDTS (What the hell did they say)
- Quick New and we're out!

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Blue Dog Banter Printer Auction

Here’s your chance to pick up a fabulous Apple ImageWriter LQ High Speed Dot Matrix printer and help a great cause, care of The Blue Dog Banter Printer Auction.

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Welcome the newest member of the podospere

Our good friend and loyal listener Auzzie Tom has started his own show "Ten Minutes With Tom" He has built it as a short weekly 10 minutes from Tom. Please check him out....we've all got 10 minutes.

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Show #44 We get a little chatty and run long

Disclaimer - This show best consumed with the mute turned on

- Amy's intro...twice
- Welcome to knew listener Mandy
- New podcast we like For What It's Worth
- Death in the family (it was only a fish, well 2 of them)
- Free podcast business cards 3 of 5 spots left e-mail your request
- Air Fergs connection to Matt Math
- V-mail from Les at Zaldor's World
- Blue Dog Banter's Auzzie Tom conspiracy theory
- Auzzie Tom's Dictionary: Sickie, Bum Nuts and more
- Kids Shows that suck and why
- What the Hell Did They Say?: Outfield, D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Hooters
- News: Bud Pong, and a baby named Google
- We then go a tad long with dumb criminals.

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Show #43....a little off our game

Welcome to a second attempt at show 43, and Amy is a little off (so she says). Show notes coming soon.

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Show #42 The 10min fireside chat

Amy and I finally get a chance to use the fire pit again. Join us as we attempt to get our fire going and freeze.

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Show #41 Some new fun as we close in on our 6mo. anniversary

- intro from The Big Show
- Redboy is home being Mr. Mom and has a few cleaning tips
- Bad traffic on the way to Chicago
- Camera phone feature to the site supported by textamerica.com along with Shawn's Podcast from there
- General Podcast from around the podosphere
- T.V. talk, including the Amazing Race (a little) and Martha's Apprentice
- The gas station sign and cellphone usage: call or send us your opinion
- Raimer's Random Rants
- Listener v-mail, including Redcorn and Eddie's wrong number
- I ask Absolute Amy "Would you rather..."
- U-haul calls in about the wopper box incident
- We play Auzzie Tom's Dictionary

- My new gear is on its way, including MXL 990 mics and Yamaha MG10/2 mixer.

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new feature

Check out the new Redboy camera phone feature to your left...P.S. Sorry for the delay in the feed. I guess it the feed works better if I actually upload it.

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