Show #101 Blame it on the Redboy

- The night time update
- Da Bears off to the Super Bowl
- Oven Cleaning 101
- Monsters stink on ice
- Become our friend on our MySpace Page
- Amy and her Zamboni sound effects
- Tell 2 people to listen to the Redboy Podcast and help us break our record
- A quick Idol update
- News: HD Porn, Coffee for Redboy's hair,Iguana viagra,Baby's drinkin' in Alabama
- Amy's Wine of the week: Mattie's Perch

Let's Talk About Disney
Mashup Town
My Take On That
Sturgeons Law
Zaldor's World

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Simply Show #100

- The 100th show just like the 100th day of school
- We watch football in HD Steve should be happy
- A Mac in My Top Video
- Hydrophobic Sand
- Send your ideas for our something in a something
- Song from 100 Year Picnic
- Death by water (Hyperhydration)
- K Fed Super Bowl Video
- Idol is back and other random news items

Feedbackers & Mentions
Extra Points
My Take On That
The HD Podcast
Podcast Morons

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Show #99 Old School Podcasting with Family

This week we welcome cousin Rick from the other side of the river to our show.
- Redboy gets his ears
- Amy's Old School Dream and Redboy's Old School Playlist (Rick has one to)
- Thongs around the pool
- Hockey in the cornfields
- Amy and her blog mofia
- EASTER EGG LINK: My Box in a Box
- Girls of "The Farm" calendar
- The return of What The Hell Did They Say

- The Big Show
- Pod Dog
- Barely
- Wicked Good Podcast
- Mostly News

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Show #98 Soap Box Yahtzee

This week we get on our soap box....maybe we should have stayed unplugged.
- Recycling new years resolution
- Old School Southern Illinois Family Fun Fest
- Jana suggests our listeners buy us carpet
- Karen finds Redboy Pizza
- Wine of the week Vahling Vineyard (good with a meal)
- HiDef Update
- The Castle closes
- Peta and the Cows
- CNN foriegn adoption views (SUCK)
- Re-add us to your Pickle favorites
- Check out our Pickle ad

Let's Talk About Disney
The Big Show
Double Dork Meter

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