Show #54 with extra special guests....Illinoise!

Welcome our guest Just Pete and NASA Janet from Illinoise! and The Bored Again Christian.

- A potential new segment "Beers of the World". The winner tonight is Denmark
- Stick a pin in our map, please.
- Some very Illinoise! music from the Muppets and The Elms.
- Redboy gets new headphones and everyone picks on him
- Pete tries to rename Amy "Prince Buttercup"
- Janet educates us on space food
- A very special Auzzie Tom's dictionary
- Christmas present discussion.
- Name that 80's movie
- Intermission for Amy to make popcorn. Not the best podcasting food
- Let's pick on Redboy's hair, or lack there of
- Sleepovers, Long John Silvers, burning beanbag chairs
- Janet's book review His Needs Her Needs

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Show #53

O.K. we did show 53....I hope to get notes out but you know me. Stay tuned this week for a very special guest from the cornfields.

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A Podcast Christmas Carol

From the fine folks who hang around the Podcast Pickle. Here is the first Podcast Christmas Carol

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Podcast Calendar 2006

Get your 2006 podcast calendar with all artwork by Len from Jawbone Radio. It is really cool.

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Redboy's got a brand new map

All the cool kids have a frappr map so we switched to. If you posted before please be kind enough to repost. If you have never posted before here is your chance.
Check out our Frappr!

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Show #52 Redboy's Birthday Bonanza

This show is for no other reason then to celebrate Redboy's birthday

- Send us your address if you want a Redboy Podcast Christmas Card
- 80th birthday wish from Len (o.k. He owed me one)
- A Big Show christmas themed birthday wish
- A little 1973 history
- Charley and Carol chime in from Israel
- Movies of 1973
- Matt's birthday gifts, beer, music and balls.
- Shelly sympathizes with the plite of Redboy
- Raimer Rants....on...and on...and on...
- Thanks to Boarder Line for both the birthday wish and the drink recipes.
- Redboy birthday memories

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CRIBS.....North Pole Style

Found this clip. It is basically MTV Cribs looking at Santa's Crib. Check it out

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Show #51 Christmas Rants

3 take intro
Send a birthday wish for Redboy
Christmas card chaos
Christmas lights to the music
Christmas Panties
Christmas Goat Torched

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Submit to the Redoby Birthday extravaganza

We got a little busy last week and missed our show, but we are back on schedule this week. Now is your chance to submit a redboy birthday wish. He will be 32 on December 14th, so buzz him, rip him or be nice. Either way send an mp3 to Absolute Amy or v-mail at 206-888-4335 so we can celebrate in style.

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Show #50 Looks like we made it!

- Submit a birthday wish to redboy by Dec. 14
- Show #50 mega mix intro from The Big Show, Jawbone, Cruise box, Zaldors World, Shelly's Podcast, Ten With Tom, T-Trent, For What it's worth...submit your intro to the mix
- Welcome to show 50 and thanks to all our friends
- Voicemail from Auzzie Tom and Aaron
- The Podsafe Christmas song courtesy of Jonathon Coulton, CC Chapman, Big Mike & Just Sue, and Jawbone
- Holiday Office party do's and don't
- Regifting without remorse ( should Amy Regift or not)
- Auzzie Tom's dictionary
- Government making us go digital
- Go see santa at The Copy Shop

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