Show #35 Welcome to the end of August

- Buy Redboy Podcast gear at cafepress
- General News, we pimp Aaron from the Big Show. Thanks to lurkers for e-mail and good bye to the She Said He Said podcat.
- Confronting the podcat hostage situation from Blue Dog Banter. They will get their segment back when they return to the grid. Till then we hold "Spoken Rap Theater" hostage.
- The next instalment of "What the hell did they say?"
- New segment: Raimer's Random Rants
- Featured music by Redboy (not me, an actual band)

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Show #34 A show with new ideas

We intro the "what did you say" segment and continue to hold spoken rap theatre hostage. Also Amy reads some news.

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Show #33 Just some good ol' fashion podcasting

We just have some fun, listen to some voice mail and hold one of Blue Dog Banter's ideas hostage. If they want it back they must podcast. Also we are looking for international voicemail.

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Show #32 Promo cast

We decided to use some of our pod time to promote other podcast. We feature such podcasts as The Big Show, Boarderline, Jawbone and Podcast 411. If you have one you would like us to play just send it over. And of course our regular ramblings are thrown in between, including studing how to podcast from

And I appologize for the abrupt ending. Castblaster died before we finished, but at least it saves the data in a temp file so we didn't have to start over.

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Show #31 Test Drive CastBlaster

A short 10 min show test driving CastBlaster. Please provide feedback if you think A: this sounds o.k. and B: does it sound better than usual. A quick listen back shows that the "auto levels" don't seem to work so great.

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Show #30 A lunch time podcast

You would think after 30 shows we could get the sound quality down. But no I have to keep messing around, and end up messing it up. You will notice a little hiss on this cast, so sorry.

On this show we discuss the continuation of home improvement, how 3rd & 4th graders from the "Room 208" podcast are schooling us, Amy enjoying staying home while Matt goes back to work, and Amy's new e-mail address

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Show #29 Return to the dining room

Just a medium length cast to dust off the studio and get back in the saddle again. We do a quick catch up on returning to America, and the recent repair troubles around the house and also feature a song from the Podsafe Music Network.

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