Show #138...Redboy Night Rider

Quick Hits
- We co-host The Big Show 2 drink minimum
- No Stickam Pampered Chef party
- And the new winner is.....
- Movie talk
- Knight Rider returns
- Return of the Aussie's
- What gifts do you give for Valentine's Day

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention
- The Big Show
- Desperate Husbands
- The Life of Spaguys Wife
- For Whatever Reason
- Tech Talk for Families
- The Unreal OC
- Hello Mother Leopard

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Show #137...Not so good with the words

Quick Hits
- Tornados in January
- Text Google for phone number: 46645
- Resolution updates
- Discovery Museum
- Guitar Hero 3
- Extreme Budgeting
- Chuck E. Casino
- And the winner is???
- Dam tour update
- Amy v. Abby

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention
- Philosophy Guy
- Desperate Husbands
- Shelly's Podcast
- Barely Podcasting

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Amy's Dam Tour Update

O.k. people we are going to work under the Keep It Simple Stupid method for the tour, because.....well we just aren't tour guides.

The tour will probably be on Thursday August 14 from 1-4pm. We can get a limo to take 10 people to the dam, stay for an hour, and return for around $28/person. We can stay longer at the dam if all involved are willing to pay a portion of the additional time. The next step after 10 people is 16, which is fine if we can fill all the seats.

What I need is if you think (fairly for sure) that you will be wanting to go let me know. If I have enough "fairly for sure" people I'll reserver the transportation.

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Show #136....Happy New Year

Quick Hits
- A few more birthday wishes
- The gingerbread community
- iHome under cabinet radio review
- The Mac shuffle
- Holiday road recap (with an eye tick)
- 2007 audio recap
- Victoria's Secret shopping

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention
- Sam the Squirrel
- Bar Nuts
- Mighty Mommy
- Life On Tap
- Let's Talk About Disney
- Pizza Go Here
- Life of Spaguys Wife
- The Big Show
- Barely
- Old Kook Cast

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