Show #84 Now with 50% more happiness

- Meet the teacher night
- How much news happens in a week
- My London Bridge earworm
- Quality family time
- Broken/Exploding microwaves
- A traggic flashlight accident
- What does your food experiation date mean?
- Voicemails...K7 will only last for 5min at a time (thanks Barely)
- Snakes on a Plane secret audio: Thanks Charles

Feedbackers & Honorable Mentions
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101 Uses for Baby Wipes
Podcast Morons
Love Long and Prosper
Mostly News
Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
Double Dork Meter
Ten With Tom

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Show #83 Good ideas go bad

- First day of kindergarten for Little Red
- Amy's crack cream
- Our new exercise program...take the Redboy health challenge
- Our Pet Peeves Here's where it goes bad...........
- What The Hell Did They Say - Prince Edition
- Feedback us Frappr, CafePress, voicemail: 206-888-4355, email redboy at

Shows We Mention
Mannic Mommies
The Big Show
Podcast Morons
The Bored Again Christian
Jonathan Coulton

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Show #82 Travels of Redboy

Thanks to For What It's Worth for the intro
Music from the Boat Drunks
All business cards are gone
Amy is a Soccer Mom!
Tike Tazzzer from Redcorn Labs
Big o'l cross in southern Illinois.
Travels to St. Louis and hot zoo's, low coolant and no trips to the arch
After Show: What does your candy bar say about you???

Mad Town Aces
The Big Show
Laura...You'll get your magnet soon
Pod Dog
Cheap Date
Shelly's Podcast
Mostly News

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Show #81 The Women of Hell Fire

- Intro Music from Me First of the Gimme Gimmes
- Thanks to Daryl for the addition to our audio effect library
- Amy fights Wal-mart and more family time
- Goodbye Zee & Zed Sub to Ask Lydon
- Maggie's 2nd Birthday
- Vacuum Situation update - Thanks Steve and Jen for the Roomba tip
- Dontate to the Big Show drink fund, and win a Redboy t-shirt for the best v-mail to our show
- Get your free business cards from the Redboy Podcast and The Copy Shop
- The Blackberry Debate....thanks Daryl
- Chicago trip- Pics on our Flickr page
- Redboy's Spam Profile. Decode our spam using Spammimic
- 9 Tips to win the love of your husband...this goes very bad!
- Outro Music from 100 Year Picnic

Poddog Show
The Instance
Love Long & Prosper
Extra Life Radio
Wicked Good Podcast
The Big Show

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Show #80 Fins to left, Andrew to the Right

Thanks to Andrew from Extra Life Radio and The Instance for joining us.

- Thanks Diane S. for the intro and Shelly for being "hot"
- Extra Life Radio turning 100. Send them a comment
- Havin' a heatwave
- Redboy's closet problems, but redeemed by shelves
- Death of a vacuum cleaner
- Paris Hilton's new song copies UB40
- Top 10 unintentionally worst company URL from Next Web
- Shark Talk...Amy loves Shark Week
- A sponsorship idea from Mel Gibson
- feedbacker v-mail
- Buy the Big Show a drink at the PME's and win a Redboy Podcast T-shirt for the best voicemail from there.
- Song outro Jonathan Coulton - Sky Mall

Shelly's Podcast
Me & The Bean
Sturgeons Law

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