Feedback Show #79.5

Welcome to the feedback show (thanks for the idea Me & The Bean)
- Thanks to Barely for the intro
- Music from Me First and The Gimme Gimmes

Random - Stugeons Law
Steve - Wicked Good Podcast
Raimer - Mad Town Aces
Judge William J. Vandershmoot
Madge Whinesteen
Danny calls about his mom

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Show #79 The Train Wreck...Just go to the after show

The story of the wreckage:
The story starts off bad with Amy having no notes and Redboy podcasting against his will, then Len and Nora intro us. A sudden burst of hope from Random helps to boost the hobit party. Redboy fights back with a LOVE earworm but Amy stands strong. So Redoy takes up arms against Zee and Zed to try and win one battle. Then to add insult to injury Redboy teams up with The Big Show for a new contest "Drink and Dial from the PME". Pause for the cause, prayers out to Israelisms. Then we take a traggic turn to try and raise money for Redboy's new T.V. And then Amy threatens to smother Redboy. Talks of re-adoption, ineditable fat, trumpets as you drive and U shaped beds. Then Redboy makes a tragic suggestion to have podcasters join us in Chicago....ya not so much. Then the show ends.......Then the aftershow where it get's really bad. We'll appoligize next week about this week where we meet Danny's mom and redboy digs a big o'l hole

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Show # 78 Micro Cast

Our First Micro Cast

Big Up's from Lil' Red. He shares his insight on our vacation to Springfield and opinions on being a big brother.

Peace out T Rent!!

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Show #77.2 Happy Birthday Absolute Amy!!

Welcome to the Amy 38th birthday cast
- Lost first 4 mins
- Amy's 38th birthday overview
- Total Car's fun
- Redboy's guilty gift shopping...Crocs Shoes
- 1968 history facts
- Get your free Redboy Podcast magnet
- Danny tracks us down
- Raimer's Random Rants
- Amy tells a great Sponge Bob story
- The After Show voting concludes!
- Feedbacker's feedback

The After Show:
"Classic Bitch Hat" - got a hat or shirt you wish you didn't have?

Music from Jack Ingram "Love You"

Redboy Feedbackers
For What It's Worth
Shelly's Podcast
Madtown Aces
Let's Talk About Disney
Barely Podcasting
Chat Buffett
Sturgeons Law
Zee and Zed

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Free Redboy Fridge Magnet!!

If you would like one of these high quality Redboy Podcast laminated regrigrator maginates, just send us your address and we'll send you one completely free!! We won't even sell you info to telemarketers, sorry Keeme. We'll send them till we are out or I get tired of making them.

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Show #76 We Love Funny People!!

- Absolute Amy has the same name as a nudy girl for the second time
- The Aniversary of traveling to China to adopt Maggie Listen to the China Casts
- Weather report from Amy
- voicemail/e-mail feedback
- The Corn Palace re-visited
- The redneck beach...."Kiss my A$$ Donny" Where do you go that makes you feel better about you?
- An MMMBop What the hell did they say?
- The Closing
- Enjoy The Redboy Podcast After Show! Bathroom break news.
- Karaoke outro...lots of fun

Redboy Feedbackers
Madtown Aces
Sturgeons Law
Manic Mommies
For What It's Worth
Chat Buffett
Me and the Bean
Shelly's Podcast
Cheap Date
Zee and Zed

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Pickle Fav's Reset

The Podcast Pickles favorites ranking have been reset. So if you get a second please add us to your favorites again or for the first time.

Add our podcast to your favorites

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