Show #95 M-I-C-ya real soon...

- On our way to the house of the mouse
- The great cornfield snow storm
- The motion light that wasn't to be
- Pinky & The Brain and Animaniacs are on DVD
- Redboy learn about the Friday gift idea from Charles
- Redboy Backers still #1 in fantasy football, thanks Steve
- Jawbone interviewed Paul & Storm and Jonothan Coulton
- Check out podcast pickle trees and iLike
- Redboy wants an iKaroke
- Greg (Yellow) Wiggle is out
- Amy's Diaper Dilema...Huggies are cheaper than Pampers
- Some news: Shakira, Lazy Town, Santa drinks and Victoria's Secret

After Show
Raimer and Barely feedback sandwich!

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Lets Talk About Disney
Mostly News
Desperate Husbands
Extra Points
Paul & Storm
Raimer's Random Rants
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