Redboy Podcast #64....W/ Special Guest Susan

- Help get our show above 89 on the Pickle

- Music by Me First and the Gimme Gimmes
- Amy's first week as a stay at home mom.
- Who should Redboy crash with at the conference?
- The Goof Tooth debate continues courtesy Daryl, Raimer & Joe
- What the hell did they say???
- Texas's new "let's arrest people drinking in bars"
- Amy's Idol update

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The wait is over

You've waited for almost a year, and now it's here! We finaly got our promo done. Take a listen....
Madtown Aces Productions

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Show #63...with Unemployed Amy

Stick a pin in our map
voicemail: 206-888-4335
Skype: redboy3
- Amy is getting used to the Suits and Sweats lifestyle
- Carol and Amy will be doing a special idol debate
- Concert we are going to: Sheryl Crow and Jimmy Buffett
- Congrats to Blue Dog Banter on their 1yr anniversary
- Illinoise! Podcasting baby sitters...what will happen??
- Les from Zaldor's World clears up the the Earworm question
- The Earworm of the week. Ding Dang from Lazy Town
- Gooftooth talk. Redboy goes to the bluetooth headset side
- Amy's Suits to Sweats minute. Men understand her dimmer
- Auzzie Tom's Dictionary

A Special idol update with Amy and Debbie...then we turn to country talk.

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Help, my parents are geeks!!!

I can't bare to show my face in public anymore. My parents are on the front page of the community news!

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Show #62 We're now famous....and Silent Steve speaks

Welcome Pantagraph readers and our new friend Silent Steve. You can view the full news article from The Pantagraph website

Welcome Just Pete from Illiniose! and Isaac from Blue Dog Banter for crashing the podcast.

- Thanks for the comments about Amy's adoption video she made. If you haven't seen it yet click here
- Daryl shares some Canadian dictionary items
- Patty M's dis of the week..."It's hard out here for a Redboy Podcast listener".
- Vmail from Paris Hilton and Raimer cries
- Stick it in your ear song of the week...badonkidonk. and Steve karokes
- Podcast baby sitters: Don't let this happen to your family
- What Silent Steve learned about podcasting
- Pete's 5 ideas to improve The Pantagraph....remember Pete said this!!
- Rico the Hibachi Chef, and the great smoking debate
...more notes to come

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Show's hard out here for a podcaster

Welcome Back
- A special intro for Just Pete at Illinoise!
- Amy's count down to quitng 11 days. And Amy's Journey to Maggie Video highlighting all the events of our adoption of Maggie from China. If you would like a DVD copy please send 19.99 to Redcorn Industries c/0 Absolute Amy.
- Please stick a pin in our map
- The Razzies and it's hard out here for a pimp
- Suits to Sweats...Redboy runs over Amy's idea
- The return of Auzzie Tom's Dictionary
- Idol Update, News and a Question from Jenny @ The Big Show
Amy is 2-2 with the Girls and 3-1 with the boys
- Our interview with Simon from Idol

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Welcome to Show Six- O...take this job and shove it!

- Crazy Carlos takes our picture and Silent Steve is soon to return
- The current temp by Amy
- No Sheryl Crow concert, but we keep date night
- Luke gives up fruit snacks
- Amy says "take this job and shove it"...well not exactely
- A break with Ten With Tom
- More about Amy staying it wrong, right or other wise. Her new show will discuss that.
- Thanks for comments from Shelly, Zee & Zed, and Israelisms
- We play Simon
- Idol update. Amy is 2 for 2 with the boys and 1 for 2 on the girls

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