Show #40 It's on now Bit@#

WHOOPS!!! This is show 40, Redboy messed up the cue card for Amy and the intro read "39".
Thanks to Shelly from Shelly's Podcast for the intro help
Amy's disclaimer
General Podcasting news
Amy is heading back to work while Redboy stays home for a couple weeks
The war wages on with Blue Dog Banter...but it's a friendly war. We launch one back at them, as it seems they are "borrowing" from the Boarderline podcast.
What the hell did they say????
A wrong chirp by Nextel
Name that toy - no winner tonight
Raimers Random Rants-He has to buy the Redboy Podcast thong
News....well kinda
Lurker Rick comes to Redboy's rescue
Amy features this weeks toy of the week. If you guess it correctly then you win some fine Redboy Podcast gear!
And we sell out for our outro to The Copy Shop, Flatlander, and Business Builders.

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Show #39 An interview with the land down under

We spend sometime talking with our friend and loyal Redboy Podcast listener Aussie Tom. So climb in our broken down Combie with us to the land where women glow and men plunder.

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Show #38

Put a Pin in Our Map
Order our shirts!!! we don't make any money
Podcasting like we mean it!
Intro from Aussie Tom
Our Road trip to Saginaw Michigan...close to Zaldors World
Be sure to visit Climax, MI off interstate 69
Redboy has a strange bond with Jawbone this week
U-haul Sucks
Enjoy RLS Awareness Week and RLS Awareness day Sept 23
E-mail talk from Shellly and Aussie Tom
Bill Cosby calls in about using the word "penis"
Amy is challenged by Les from Zaldors world
Redcorn and Blueboy call in
How far are other podcasts from the cornfields of Central IL
Quantis Airline Gripe Sheet reviewed
What The HEll did they say???
- Posion
- The Weather Girls
- Eifel 45
Straight from the News Room

New....Name that toy and win a prize!

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Tell us where you are at

We would like to know where everyone is at, so please stick a pin in our map! Click on our map link on the left nav. You can also see where other Redboy Podcast listeners are from.

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Google's new blog search

Google has a Blog specific search now check it out

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Show #37 News, Games and a visit from Dr. Phil

- Intro from Len at Jawbone Radio
- Us being run amuck by our crap
- Podcasts we talk about: Mr. X and Just Julie and their brush with fame, Poddog Show and rednecks in Canada,
- Our listener map is coming soon!
- Props to Aussie Tom
- The Redboy Podcast T-Shirts are in so get your's today
- News Part 1
- A mini cut from Da Vinci's Notebook
- Dr. Phil joins our show
- Another episode of What the Hell Did They Say"
- Dr. Phil Again
- Some more news
- and then we are out

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T-shirts are here!

Our order of Redboy Podcast t-shirts just came in, and they look pretty good. So now I officially invite all of you, your spouses, children and cats to order redboy podcast gear. Just a side note I didn't mark them up, this is just for fun.

Go shopping now at Cafe Press

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Show #36 The hostage crisis ends...

- Add some wine to the intro
- Hostage crisis of the Blue Dog Banter cast is over.
- New crisis between Airferg and Boarderline
- Happy birthday to podcasting
- Podcast Outlaws add Shelly to the group
- Thanks Aussie Tom for the v-mail
- Celebs call us....even the unknown
- Raimers Rants
- What the Hell did they say
- News
- Hurricane Mashup

Stay tuned to win an autographed photo of Redboy and Absolute Amy

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Support our fellow Americans

Amy and I encourage you to help our fellow Americans in the south. Give what you can and if nothing else a few bucks to the American Red Cross.

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