Show #96 Better because it was more expensive but on sale??

- Thanks to Tony Jennings for the use of his pictures on our site.
- SNL Dick in a Box video
- We are registered for the expo and Disneyland
- Please vote for us on podcast peers awards
- Festivus Fun including cookies and balanced budgets
- Bad holiday movie - A Perfect Day
- Redboy turned 33, thanks for the voicemail and well wishes
- New redboy promo
- Disney recap- Many thanks to Jana from Let's Talk About Disney
- What's are sundries?
- Fruit smoothies and air travel
- Heather from the days of your
- Donald Trump/Rosie O'donald After ShowAnd Amy didn't care
- Mele Kalikimaka out!

Feedbackers & Mentions
- For What It's Worth
- Double Dork Meter Podcast
- Shelly's Podcast
- Wicked Good Podcast
- Madtown Aces
- Comedy 4 Cast
- Pediacast
- For What It's Worth
- Love Long & Prosper

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