Show #72 I gotta wear shades

- Thanks to The Big Show for our intro
- Earworm brought to you by Jonathan Coulton: Code Monkey
- The weekend recap- Redboy's Pale Ale, and the Warshers Game
- Little Redboy's last day of pre-school
- Going to the conference, be one of the first 5 and Redboy will make you business cards.
- Thanks for playing our promo: Wicked Good Podcast,The Big Show, For What It's Worth, Scenes From the Next Whatever
- Naked Baby
- Sunglasses inside: Redboy borrows Ten With Tom's cranky pants.
- Deep Breath
- We try to plant flowers
- The last Idol update
- Join us for Christmas in July

Redboy Feedbackers

Jonathon Coulton
Shelly's Podcast
Zee and Zed

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Show #71 - Welcome the inventor of the X-Cube

The Show
- Thanks to Steve and Dawn for our intro
- Amy invents the X-Cube on ELR
- General Redboy household news
- Redboy is not going to Cali for the conference
- How much is World of War Craft???
- Welcome new listener Siuyee
- Dr. Agas' research
- Redboy Pale Ale has been bottled
- Bad weather yeilds bad T.V.
- Mother's Day bling
- Do you make lists or not?
- Mini idol update
- Let us know how to keep a diaper on a baby!
- What The Hell Did They Say???
- His Name Is Redboy theme song

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For What It's Worth
Manic Mommies
Home Town Tales
Me and the Bean
Cheap Date
The Big Show

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Show #70...Welcome to Season 2

Kids falling off furniture

Busy Podcasting Week
Sunday - Podcast Morons
Tuesday - Extra Life and Amy
Wednesday - Redboy and Andrew
Thursday - Redboy and Amy

Mother's Day
Best and Worst gift ideas
What Amy wants - documented for the podosphere to hear.

Raimer's Vocal Cabbage/Stew

Our weekend
Gutter cleaning - The ladder, the saw and the 55yr old man
Car wash girls - Sir would you like a car wash
Luke's hoop - how many adults does it take to build a basketball hoop

Suits to Sweats Moment
What are those pointy things

Auzzie Tom's Dictionary

Idol Update

Redboy Feedbackers
Jawbone - Thanks for the intro
For What It's Worth
The Big Show
Ten With Tom
Zee and Zed sorry we said shut it....
Me and the Bean
Madtown Aces

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Flickr like the cool kids

Amy got her wish and now we are like the all the cool kids. We have added a Flickr Account to the site. Check out the start to the picks here

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Podcast #69 Happy Cinco De Mayo - 1 yr anniversary

His Name Is Redboy theme song
National No Pants Day
Super listener David!
Big Red Popcorn form Boardline
Redboy Podcast is up to #61 on the Podcast Pickle
Pod Star
Amy hates bugs
Pale Redboy Ale beer coming soon!
The food saver
The circus and $16 monkeys
Idol update
And the winner is!!!! You'll have to listen to hear who won the Redboy Podcast t-shirt

Redboy Feedbackers
100 Year Picnic
For What It's Worth
Scenes from the next whatever
Manic Mommies
Me and the Bean
Wicked Good Podcast
Zee and Zed
Ten With Tom
Madtown Aces

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Redboy Podcast's First Birthday!!!!

The Reboy Podcast is turning 1! So if you have a chance and have something to share with Matt & Amy feel free to call it in 206-888-4335 or email an mp3 to redboy at You may have a chance to win a special Redboy Podcast prize....or not. Depends on if we have a few extra bucks.

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