Show #70...Welcome to Season 2

Kids falling off furniture

Busy Podcasting Week
Sunday - Podcast Morons
Tuesday - Extra Life and Amy
Wednesday - Redboy and Andrew
Thursday - Redboy and Amy

Mother's Day
Best and Worst gift ideas
What Amy wants - documented for the podosphere to hear.

Raimer's Vocal Cabbage/Stew

Our weekend
Gutter cleaning - The ladder, the saw and the 55yr old man
Car wash girls - Sir would you like a car wash
Luke's hoop - how many adults does it take to build a basketball hoop

Suits to Sweats Moment
What are those pointy things

Auzzie Tom's Dictionary

Idol Update

Redboy Feedbackers
Jawbone - Thanks for the intro
For What It's Worth
The Big Show
Ten With Tom
Zee and Zed sorry we said shut it....
Me and the Bean
Madtown Aces

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At 1:24 AM, Anonymous Carol said...

Better then the nipple story- Arielle who was about 5 or 6 at the time came into the kitchen after watching Beverly Hills 90210 with her older sister. She asked me if you always have a baby when you have sex! For a second I freaked out. How do I correctly explain the mechanics of sex on a level she would understand.I envisioned having to draw anatomy pictures etc. Then I had an epiphany and simply said "No." She wasn't interested in what sex was. She just wanted to know if you always get pregnant when ytou have sex. After my answer she ran off to play. Moral of the story- Watch TV with your kids!

At 10:34 AM, Blogger diane s said...

I "rumble around the podosphere"? Well, I guess it's not the worst description I've ever heard! ;)

Great show guys..Amy I hope you had a great Mother's Day :)

At 5:26 AM, Blogger Siuyee said...

New listener here. Plastic surgeries are very common in Korea that, parents would give them to their kids as graduation gifts.


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