Show #72 I gotta wear shades

- Thanks to The Big Show for our intro
- Earworm brought to you by Jonathan Coulton: Code Monkey
- The weekend recap- Redboy's Pale Ale, and the Warshers Game
- Little Redboy's last day of pre-school
- Going to the conference, be one of the first 5 and Redboy will make you business cards.
- Thanks for playing our promo: Wicked Good Podcast,The Big Show, For What It's Worth, Scenes From the Next Whatever
- Naked Baby
- Sunglasses inside: Redboy borrows Ten With Tom's cranky pants.
- Deep Breath
- We try to plant flowers
- The last Idol update
- Join us for Christmas in July

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At 8:59 AM, Blogger Zee And Zed said...

Ok, the "shut its" etc., are starting to grow on me. I guess it's just part of your irresistible charm. It must be the glue that keeps your marriage together, haha.

Shut it and shush all you want.


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Jim Milles said...

Hi Matt and Amy,

Hey, if you can't go to the Podcast Expo in California, maybe you can go to the Podcasters Across Borders thing in Kingston, in the real Ontario? If it's good enough for Ross and Karen, it should be good enough for you!

Seriously--what do you think? I'd love to meet you guys.


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