Show #45 The Halloween Spooktacular

This is what the mics sound like backwards! Sorry, problem has been fixed.
- 2 set's of business cards left to any podcaster going to the conference
- Thanks to Komputer Karl for purchasing a clock from our store
- Blue Dog Banter printer auction
- New listener Israelisms Podcast
- Raimer lives!
- V-mail from the mystery trucker
- Auzzie Tom starts his own show Ten with Tom
- Halloween song by Heywood Banks
- Costume ideas for adults
- Halloween pranks
- WTHDTS (What the hell did they say)
- Quick New and we're out!

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At 8:25 PM, Anonymous KomputerKarl said...

I can't believe that Absolute Amy thought that I purchased the thong. At least not for myself. Now maybe I'll get one for her for the holidays. Ha ha!


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