Show #44 We get a little chatty and run long

Disclaimer - This show best consumed with the mute turned on

- Amy's intro...twice
- Welcome to knew listener Mandy
- New podcast we like For What It's Worth
- Death in the family (it was only a fish, well 2 of them)
- Free podcast business cards 3 of 5 spots left e-mail your request
- Air Fergs connection to Matt Math
- V-mail from Les at Zaldor's World
- Blue Dog Banter's Auzzie Tom conspiracy theory
- Auzzie Tom's Dictionary: Sickie, Bum Nuts and more
- Kids Shows that suck and why
- What the Hell Did They Say?: Outfield, D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Hooters
- News: Bud Pong, and a baby named Google
- We then go a tad long with dumb criminals.

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At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Carol said...

Just started listening to you guys. Loved the show. It was alot of fun.


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