Show #38

Put a Pin in Our Map
Order our shirts!!! we don't make any money
Podcasting like we mean it!
Intro from Aussie Tom
Our Road trip to Saginaw Michigan...close to Zaldors World
Be sure to visit Climax, MI off interstate 69
Redboy has a strange bond with Jawbone this week
U-haul Sucks
Enjoy RLS Awareness Week and RLS Awareness day Sept 23
E-mail talk from Shellly and Aussie Tom
Bill Cosby calls in about using the word "penis"
Amy is challenged by Les from Zaldors world
Redcorn and Blueboy call in
How far are other podcasts from the cornfields of Central IL
Quantis Airline Gripe Sheet reviewed
What The HEll did they say???
- Posion
- The Weather Girls
- Eifel 45
Straight from the News Room

New....Name that toy and win a prize!

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