Show #40 It's on now Bit@#

WHOOPS!!! This is show 40, Redboy messed up the cue card for Amy and the intro read "39".
Thanks to Shelly from Shelly's Podcast for the intro help
Amy's disclaimer
General Podcasting news
Amy is heading back to work while Redboy stays home for a couple weeks
The war wages on with Blue Dog Banter...but it's a friendly war. We launch one back at them, as it seems they are "borrowing" from the Boarderline podcast.
What the hell did they say????
A wrong chirp by Nextel
Name that toy - no winner tonight
Raimers Random Rants-He has to buy the Redboy Podcast thong
News....well kinda
Lurker Rick comes to Redboy's rescue
Amy features this weeks toy of the week. If you guess it correctly then you win some fine Redboy Podcast gear!
And we sell out for our outro to The Copy Shop, Flatlander, and Business Builders.

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At 3:21 PM, Anonymous Michael G said...

War? Ehh, not so much. We're just pokin' fun. And we've got nothing else to talk about.


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