Show #131...Insert your own title here

Quick Hits
- Basement cleaning extravaganza
- Amy's Pampered Chef website
- Amy's Dam Tour update: Charles signs up
- Pumpkin squirrel pest update w/ Sam the Squirrel
- 7yr old birthday parties
- What do in-laws do with a webcam?
- It's begining to look like a gangsta Christmas
- More dishwasher talk

Radom News Questions
- Is it wrong to bring certain items to "show and tell"?
- Did you have a dating type?
- 8 most fattening foods this holiday season
- Who pays storm chasers?

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention
- Love Long And Prosper
- Desperate Husbands
- Roney Zone
- Pizza Go Here
- Barely
- The Life of Spaguys Wife
- Tucker Tales
- My Take on That
- Margot

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