What's the baby using?

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At 3:56 PM, Blogger Rusty said...

The more time that’s invested in a pointless activity, the more importance it seems to convey. This is the logic (if it can be said that there is any) behind most fraternity hazings and many modern religions! It’s called cognitive dissonance. What’s the baby using? 25.

There is no cleverness to 25. 43 is a clever number. 25 is square, not clever. It’s just a number. It’s just what the baby is using. If it was clever, it would be funny. And if it were funny, it wouldn’t be funny that people know it. The beauty of 25 is that if you know that’s what the baby is using, you won’t be confused by the question! You will just give the answer, nod, smile, chuckle, scratch your head and move on with your day. That is until you ask or someone else asks you again, “What’s the baby using?” 25.

A clever answer like, 52 or “The baby had 25, but ate three and then puked up one, so the baby is only using 23 today,” is no good. Clever isn’t the point! Clever isn’t clever. In this case, clever is just stupid. The answer is 25. If you don’t answer “25″ then you don’t know the answer or you’ve missed the point entirely. Because the point is that there is no point at all. What’s the baby using? 25.

What’s the point of a meaningless activity if we analyze it to death and try to understand it’s meaning? What’s the baby using? 25. It’s not a forced meme, just pointless. What’s the point of a meaningless activity if we are willing to give up on it quickly or easily? Treadmill sales would crash if everyone gave up on pointless activity. So go ahead, jog to nowhere and just freely admit that the baby is still using 25.


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