Show #141....Dirty Water

Quick Hits
- Sickies in the hizouse
- Bud and Clamato
- Ice skating tragedies
- Should first graders get phone calls
- The weight watchers challenge
- Hand in Foot geeks
- Stephan's Random Norwegian Facts
- What do your plates say about you?
- When did you realize you were a grown up?

Feedbacker/Honorable Mention
- The Big Show
- Cheap Date Show
- The Life of Spa Guys Wife
- Tech Talk for Families
- Taste Like Burning
- Let's Talk About Disney
- Geek Acres

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At 4:48 PM, Blogger Blake said...

so glad yall are back. i have quickly become addicted to your show. as for the dirty water... i had it a couple weeks back and lost about 10 pounds. thank goddness the toilet and tub are only 6 inches apart! anyway, thanks so much for doin what your doin... wish my wife would podcast with me... i would call it STAY ON YOUR SIDE OF THE BED! hahahaha. oh ya... and when i first realized i was an adult was when i got that 1st paycheck and say that i had to give money to some FICA guy! Keep up the great work

Blake @ It Burns When I Pee @


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