Show #74 You've got fax

- Thanks to Extra Life Radio for the intro
- Survival of 6-6-06
- Picnic Pain
- Redboy scared by Jawbone Radio about coaching soccer
- Thanks to Mike and Jana for our first fax!!
- Thanks to Matt D for the great write up
- Earworm of the week - Dora
- Trips to Greenacres and beyond.
- Do you know anything about Siver Dollar City?
- Stories of family vacations
- Congrats to Me and The Bean on the delivery of Max
- Out song by Josh Mahler "Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong"

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At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Carol said...

I could go on vacation with Amy anytime because I also don't want to do a "darn" thing on my vacation. I want to lay around and drink things with umbrellas in them.
If Amy came here she wouldn't have to be our Alice although I like the idea of having an Alice. Unfortunately its not in the cards. But you guys could come and we could take you around.
Great show!


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