Show #65...a kinder, gentler Redboy

- Thanks to Shelly for the intro and check out her contest
- Redboy will be nice to Amy, care of Karen from Zee and Zed
- Grab our promo and we have added our China Cast Archive
- We crack the Yahoo podcast rating system
- Earworm of the week "My Humps" sponsored by Extra Points Podcast
- Oprah and the sex diet
- The high cost of being in a wedding
- Brand new segment: The Green Spot With MR.C send him a note
- Idol Update
- Suits to Sweats Minute, or two: T.V. house wives compared.

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At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Carol said...

Great show.
Hang in there Amy. I can't picture Bucky singing anything from Queen. I don't think Paris can pull it off either. Maybe one of us will get our wish this week!
I admit that before I hadkids I would look down on women that stayed home. I thought that if God gave you a brain you should use it. That was just the stupid person who didn't have a clue about raising kids talking. The same one that was sure that after giving birth she would be back in the gym and she'd get her old body back! That only happens in Hollywood. I think what you are doing Amy is the right thing. Look foward to hearing about it.
Oh and the Chocolate spread. After this holiday we have is over we'll get on it!

At 4:48 PM, Blogger Zee And Zed said...

Another great show. I gave you a yahoo review because you deserve it! It's under my yahoo account and you'll never know which one is mine mawahahahahahaha, but it's a solid 5 stars!

I also really enjoyed producing your show, or at least being responsible for a kinder, gentler Redboy haha!

My work here is done...


At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Kristin said...

Love the show.... But Amy.... It's 2006. And your car still doesn't fly. Sucks, eh?

At 7:11 PM, Anonymous Pat M said...

I know this is a family podcast and all, but...

I swear I thought your promo button said "grab our porno". For a second there, I was like... what the heck are they doing now?


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