Show #63...with Unemployed Amy

Stick a pin in our map
voicemail: 206-888-4335
Skype: redboy3
- Amy is getting used to the Suits and Sweats lifestyle
- Carol and Amy will be doing a special idol debate
- Concert we are going to: Sheryl Crow and Jimmy Buffett
- Congrats to Blue Dog Banter on their 1yr anniversary
- Illinoise! Podcasting baby sitters...what will happen??
- Les from Zaldor's World clears up the the Earworm question
- The Earworm of the week. Ding Dang from Lazy Town
- Gooftooth talk. Redboy goes to the bluetooth headset side
- Amy's Suits to Sweats minute. Men understand her dimmer
- Auzzie Tom's Dictionary

A Special idol update with Amy and Debbie...then we turn to country talk.

Redboy Feedbacker's
- The Big Show
- Shelly's Podcast
- Israelisms
- The Half Show
- Karmyn Tyler
- Cheap Date

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At 11:52 PM, Blogger Daryl N Cognito said...

Glad to support you brother. Hope Amy doesn't take a hit out on me. BTW I grabbed your promo.

At 9:05 PM, Anonymous karmyn tyler said...

Thank you for mentioning my music on your show and listing my website on your shownotes. Enjoyed your show and your guest.


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