Show #58....Amy has an idea

Amy get's a rub down
Thanks listeners for validating Redboy
Amy learns the mac
Voicemail from Auzzie Tom...what's the pound key
Tax time talk
Big up to our new listeners Paul and Matt's Aunt
The great return of What The Hell Did They Say
Amy's American Idol Update...your chance to win some prizes!
Song by Matthew Ebel

Podcast We Mentioned

Zee and Zed
Extra Points
Let's Talk About Disney
Catfish Show
Podcast Morons
Ten With Tom

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At 4:29 AM, Anonymous Carol said...

Hey Guys, We do an American Idol spot too! Last year I had listeners vote for me because we can't vote from Israel. We get the show live via satelite. The website is When its down to the final twelve they have something you can fill out and put who you think will get kicked off each week including the finale. Kinda like what they have for March madness college basketball. We should skype and talk about it once they are down to the final 12. Love your show.

At 12:51 AM, Blogger Aaron said...

A tv show update segment on your podcast, that is totally origional. I've heard this show called The Big Show does an update on Amazing Race. I can't wait to hear Amy go off on bad singing. I'm gonna go out and pick Boomer and the Nudge.


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