Show #48 Not going back to Cali

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- Our 6 month Podcasting Anniversary
- Thanks to Steve and Dawn for the intro
- "Trucker Bob" voicemail
- Redboy NOT going back to Cali! But instead heading to Miami
- Brothers in audio retardation
- We are not creative, and absolute amy is white
- Redboy's iPod review
- The "Unknown Listener" voicemail
- Martha Stewart's show angers Redboy. He's not a goofy midwest father.
- Watch out for Hot, Hot Tubs on Ebay
- Raimer's Random Rants
- Auzzie Tom's Dictionary
- What the hell did they say


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posted by Redboy @ 8:59 PM,


At 2:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that unknown caller had an aussie twang to his voice...


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