Show #32 Promo cast

We decided to use some of our pod time to promote other podcast. We feature such podcasts as The Big Show, Boarderline, Jawbone and Podcast 411. If you have one you would like us to play just send it over. And of course our regular ramblings are thrown in between, including studing how to podcast from

And I appologize for the abrupt ending. Castblaster died before we finished, but at least it saves the data in a temp file so we didn't have to start over.

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At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Neil said...

Hey guys - thanks for playing our promo(s)! That was really nice of you.

BTW, did anyone notice a similarity between the Podcast 411 and Big Show promos? It kinda freaked me out when I heard it. I swear, I'd never heard that 411 promo before we recorded that "Steamboat Joe" bit.


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