Midwest Podcasters Conference pt. 1

Watch soon for audio recorded live from the first Midwest Podcasters Conference from the launch pad at the Illinoise! In attendance was Illinoise!, Spotlight, Blue Dog Banter and of course Redboy. Luzio was also there our very own Paris Hilton of midwest podcasts. Just Pete honored me with the presentation of my very own light saber spoon. Even though it was a typical hot and humid day in the cornfields we still had a great time.

Here is the first part of the evening. It is a short drive/grociery shopping cast while in route to the Illinoise! launch pad. The full cast from the evening should be up in a day or two. Download todays show or subscribe to the cast

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At 11:42 AM, Blogger Aaron said...

This has to be the Geraldo Rivera show of podcasting...I was all excited to check out the Midwest Podcasters Conference and instead I get a grocery clerk. Riveting stuff...LOL


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