Show #90 Fire Alarms and Elevators Oh My!

- Amy Time Warps
- Get ready for our 100th show around New Years Eve
- Redboy Backers are number #1
- Live around Boston? Redboy will be there soon
- Should Maggie be a chick or a cheerleader?
- 2a.m. Fire Alarms at the hotel
- Trapped in an elevator
- The bad filter

Dinky Cast
Double Dork Meter
Extra Points
New England Podcasters
Share the road safe a life
Cheap Date
Desperate Husbands

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posted by Redboy @ 9:03 PM,


At 8:31 AM, Blogger jtl said...

Great recap of the meetup! The Beer Nuts are featured on our show this week, and a photo of us in the wicked awesome Copy Shop t-shirts is forthcoming...

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